Hardware and Software in One Solution

The Apexi Power FC is a remarkably versatile Plug and Play standalone engine management system but it is let down by the Commander (hand controller).Power FC

The commander screen is too small and you have to go in and out of a lot of menu windows to try to use the device to tune a car.

The solution is FC-Datalogit.  Professional tuners world-wide have been using FC-Datalogit to tune and log data from a huge variety of Power FC equipped cars: dragcars, circuit cars, rally cars and street cars since 2001.

The FC-Datalogit package includes FC-Edit software & FC-Box hardware which allows you to view more information via a laptop than the limited information you get with an Apexi commander hand controller.


FC Datalogit Features

  • Works with all Power FC versions (No restrictions imposed on the number or type of vehicles tuned)
  • The FC-Edit software does all the things that the hand controller does plus much more
  • Log up to eight 0-5 volt analogue inputs
  • Connect to any 0-5 volt Wideband 02 Sensor and log A/F ratio
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Full size fuel and ignition maps (20 x 20) instead small sections
  • Lock /Unlock Apexi dealer protected maps and settings
  • Map trace and ghost trace
  • Rescale/Expand maps for high RPM and/or high boost applications
  • Adjust air temp correction tables
  • Saving and loading complete maps and fuel and ignition settings 
  • The Power FC commander plugs into the FC-Box so you can still use it
  • Adjust the threshold for flashing the check engine or cat light for injector and knock warning

……..And much more but please note some types of Power FCs allow access to more items than others.


The FC-Datalogit Package includes an FC-Box hardware interface (to communicate between a Power-FC and a laptop), FC-Edit Software on CD, a Serial & USB Cable.  Plus access to our user only eGroup for advice, help and map sharing.  FC-Datalogit owners also receive FREE updates to the software and firmware as released.

Now you can realise the full potential of your Power-FC with FC-Datalogit